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1.What is the difference in your wedding packages?

The main difference is finishing time. All packages start 1hr before at the ceremony venue. Some include speeches and some include dancing. It's completely your choice. Full details of each package is on the "weddings" page.

2. What is your most popular package?

90% of couples choose package 3, but I understand everyone has a personal preference of what coverage they would like. That’s why I have the other options on my price list :)

3. Do you film bridal preparations?

Yes, but again because this is down to personal preference, I don’t include it as standard. However, it can be added to any package for £50.

4. Do you need a deposit?

Yes, a £200 deposit secures your chosen package and date. Your package can be changed up to 2 weeks before your wedding, when the remaining balance is payable.

5. Do you put music over the entire video?

No, I only add music to certain parts of the day. I will add your chosen music to the morning prep at the bride’s home and arriving at the ceremony. Also during the photographs being taken. If you have music during the ceremony, I will record it live. Your evening band/DJ will also be recorded live.

6. How is your audio so clear?

I like to use wireless mics during the ceremony and speeches. This allows me to keep my distance and still have crystal clear audio. You will hear the celebrant, your vows and readers clearly, and although they might prefer not to - the men will be able to relive their speeches and hear every word :)


7. What is your style of video?

Cinematic? Documentary?

I like to think of my style as a hybrid of both :)

Although I use DSLR to create the cinematic look and I’m also meticulous about audio, I still offer traditional documentary coverage. You only get one chance to relive your wedding day. That’s why I like to film all the morning arrivals and if you’re greeting your guests in a lineup - I film it too. I know it’s not something you will watch every time, but it’s nice to have it all captured to look back on. All packages also include a short wedding film.

8. How long is the finished film?

Overall it depends on your chosen package. But I will give an example of package 3 (approx 2+ hours):

  • morning arrivals: 5-10mins

  • ceremony: full duration

  • greeting guests: full duration

  • photoshoot: 10-15mins

  • speeches: full duration

  • dancing: approx 20mins

  • highlights video clip: 4-6mins

9. How far do you travel?

I’m based in Mid Ulster and I cover all of Northern Ireland and bordering counties. 99% of the time there is no additional travel charge for ceremony/venue locations.

10. Do we need to provide a meal for you?

No. You’re paying for a lot of meals on your wedding day - no need to add another. I always bring my own lunch and dinner with me for weddings. I learnt a long time ago that if I eat 1-2 wedding meals a week - it’s a sure way to gain weight. lol

11. How do you send out the video?

I use USB’s to provide you with your video files. Each section of the day is a different video file, so you don’t have to fast forward through all the footage to get to your favourite part. 

Any other questions? Don't be afraid to ask 👍

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